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This edition was the result of work done over the summer of 2021, from May to late August. There are many new sections from the previous edition, and it introduces the first melody (Previously "Orchestra Excerpt") of the woodwinds in a different, more energetic context.

The piece begins with an oboe solo with mysterious pizzicato strings and high piano lines, introducing the feel of the piece. After 3 measures, the orchestra crescendos to a lush set of opening chords, welcoming the listener to the world of the piece. It backs off soon later, and it calms back down to the previous excerpt of my first idea.

It continues to the section of alternating 6/8 and 5/8 time signatures, with more added transitional phrases to give an easier sense of connection to the listener. 

After, there comes the introduction of the initial woodwind melody from the first edition. The strings play fast lines to add interesting texture.

Then, after a transition with string harmonies, it goes into more of a magical pizzicato and woodwinds section, which returns to a smaller rearranged version of the first big melody of the piece. It ends with a start to a section that I like to call a "waiting" section with long chords.

Note: The french horn and trumpet/flute solos written in the music on this edition, as well as the chords at the end, are not heard in the MIDI recording. They will be present in the 3rd Edition.

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